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Gretchen Peters
Eliza Carthy
Laura Cantrell
Kris Drever
Jaimee Harris

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“MacWatt deserves to be considered alongside Jackie Leven, Ross Wilson of Blue Rose Code and even Dick Gaughan”                                                Blabber ‘n’ Smoke 

"Masterful songwriting...perceptively written, superbly played and poetically produced"                                                                                     Americana UK

“MacWatt will doubtless be considered among the best of the new breed of folksingers and songwriters, who speak of the past as a way to perhaps understand it and move forward”                                              Lonesome Highway

“A superb new album”                                                             Country Music People

“Brilliant … a wonderful celebration of the magic of song.. a strong Celtic sweep to it”                                                                        Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

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