Anywhere But Here

Half Hearted

You are a diamond deep down in a dark mine

I know you’re there and precious but I don’t see you shine

Maybe it’s me who is stopping your light shining through

Cos you sparkle for others but I get the dark side of you


I would put myself into harm’s way  keeping you safe

Give you my bleeding heart if your’s stopped beating one day

I’d give you my last breath to stop you drowning in the deep

I’d take a bullet but I don’t think you’d do it for me


CH: It’s time to just say it, time to face facts

I’m in love with somebody who don’t love me back

It’s sad but it’s true your love is all I ever wanted

I gave you my all but you only gave me half-hearted


So this is goodbye, but I don’t know why you’re crying

If you begged me stay, said you loved me, you’d be white lying

You say that maybe one day you could learn to love me

That’s kind of you but I’d rather love came naturally

Anywhere But Here

Stumbling out of a downtown bar at midnight

My head is spinning around and my legs don’t work right

Some girl I never met before has got my hand

I’m holding on real tight cos I can hardly stand


Next thing I know I’m sitting on her bed

She’s working hard to get me set for the best night of my life she said

And to my surprise my body’s shifting into gear

Cos my mind was wishing I was anywhere but here


Now I’m awake and looking around her bedroom

The smell of damp on the sheets and last week’s perfume

Dirty laundry lying on a dusty floor,

Top of the pile I see my own clothes


That was nowhere near the best night of my life

And I’m pretty sure she’s had much better times

Her morning mouth whispers sweet things in my ear

But my mind is wishing I was anywhere but here


CH: I wanna be home with you, just talking, laughing, loving like we used to

All alone with you, in a restaurant, in the car or a beach or the bedroom

But you’re gone and this is my way of dealing with the changes,

Sleeping with strangers, regretting it later and wishing I was home with you

Blame It On The Goddam Rain

Goddam the rain, fallin on us all

Falls on the pure and the wicked, the poor and the richest

The biggest and the small

When you stand there shivering soaked through to the skin

And colder than the grave - there ain’t no shame

Just blame it on the goddam rain


The river is rising, getting higher everyday

It the clouds keep coming and the rain keeps falling

The bridge is getting washed away

And if I can’t get into town to let my sorrows drown

Then there’s gonna be hell to pay - that’s just my way

I’ll blame it on the goddam rain


Too many flooded roads or the crops don’t grow

Muddy water in my veins

If the sun don’t show and you’re feeling low

And you got the blues again

And if she’s gone and left me and life feels empty

And my heart is full of pain - that’s ok

Just blame it on the goddam rain

Selkie (A Song for Jimmy)

Drowning in the shallows    Stumbling through the shadows

Searching for a way to keep control

Behind the skin that we knew   The selkie lived within you

Pulled by stronger currents than your soul


Through all your storms and sunshine   heartbreaks and highlights

The spirit always restless on your shore

And when big seas were rolling   The selkie heard the calling

Your wave has come at last to take you home


So pull the ocean over  It’s warm beneath its covers

Let yourself go under one last time

The empty shell that they found  And put into the cold ground

You cast off the body that slowed you down


Now you go where we can’t go

Down to depths only you know

And it’s not for us to know why

You tired of this world

And slipped away with the tide

Can't Face Calling You Today

Ain't gonna lie or make excuses

I know full well what the truth is

And sooner or later you'll find out anyway

So I'm just gonna shut my mouth and pray


CH: I ain’t proud of what I did last night

My low down hit a whole new height

And right now all I can feel is this shame

So I can’t face calling you today


I know you gonna take this bad

I know it's gonna make you mad

And if this was the other way round

You know I'd be thinking ‘bout kicking you out


So I don't see no point explaining

I fucked up and that says it all

And I'll try not do this again

cos the gutter gets deeper and dirtier with every fall

And a shower could never wash last night away

So I can't face calling you today

Flowers & Wine

Flowers for weddings, roses sweet-smelling

All the bright colours and shades

Flowers for lovers and remembering others

Flowers for funerals and graves


Wine for the warrior, the poets and satyrs

Wine to forget and console

One for the thinker, two for the drinker

But nothing for body and soul


CH: Flowers and wine, flowers and wine

Here’s to all of those dead friends of mine

I might get lonely but I’ll be just fine

If I have flowers and wine


You were waiting for me to get my head straight

I was taking my time

Now you’re not holding your breath for me to grow up

I’m in no hurry to shine


All my tomorrows are scarecrows and shadows

This is the one thing I know

Your name is sorrow, behind me you follow

Wherever I go you stay close

Cold in California

Me and Jessie Ray been best friends forever

Grew up in the same little town in Indiana

So when Jessie said that we should go digging for our fortune

I bought a pan and shovel and westwards we went rolling

I’ve been told that it gets cold in California


So we staked out our claims right next to each other

And Jessie spent his days working on the river

And I spent all my money on women and cheap whiskey

I wasted all my time hungover and hungry

Now I know that it gets cold in California


Then one day it came, a whooping and a screaming

And I saw Jessie Ray laughing loud and leaping

In the morning sun bright gold was gleaming yellow

And green-eyed envy woke up in my belly slow

My jealousy runs cold in California


He always had more than his fair share of lucky

Lucky with love cos he was tall and pretty

Lucky with fate cos his mum and daddy loved him

And I was just Jessie's less than lucky friend

But his luck was growing cold in California


Well I shot Jessie dead with his daddy’s 45

I left his body there face down by the riverside

And I put all, his hard-earned gold straight into my pockets

Packed my bags and headed home a richer man with prospects

And I left his body cold in California


There’s a ghost in our home

When it comes in the room turns cold

I ain’t scared cos it leaves me well alone

There’s a ghost in our home


There’s a ghost at our place

It’s got your name, got your face

It lies beside me in our bed

It’s the ghost of you but you ain’t dead


CH: You ain’t dead yet, cos I can hear you breathe

We can’t talk about it cos we don’t even speak

We ain’t dead yet, but we might as well be

Cos I’m just as dead to you as you are to me


What is left when love breaks down

When all is gone but we can’t move on

We’re still together but only by a thread

We’re not living and we’re not dead


So take this house and cover it with dirt

Lay a stone on top saying don’t disturb

Here lies two people who once were close

Long before they died they were ghosts

My Love's Not A Gun

You don't need to build defenses

All your walls and barricades

I know you ain't taking chances

Put all your sticks and stones away

Tear down all your barb wire fences

Take off your bulletproof vest

Put the dirt back in your trenches

If you want my surrender I'll accept


CH: It seems to me like everytime somebody gets too close

Alarm bells ring inside and wake your bad ghosts

And you go into heart survival mode and get ready to run

But I don't want to hurt you none and my love ain't a gun.


M8: And yes it's true

Love can hurt, wound and kill you

And I understand

Love can be a weapon in the wrong hands

It can send you straight to hell or Kingdom Come

But this is one of those times you gotta trust someone

Cos my love ain't a gun


I know it’s all just self-protection

When you say you need your space

Nobody wants to feel rejection

But you don’t have to lock and bolt your gates

No-one is setting out to hurt you

Sometimes that’s just the way it goes

Cos when somebody wants to love you

If you don’t let them try you’ll never know

Another Round of Love

Time after time..night after night

Barely survive  fight after fight

We head back to our corners, take time to lick our wounds

Then it’s heads down, hands up, coming out swinging for another round of love


It’s hard to believe, that’s how we love

We gotta bleed before we kiss and make up

Nothing could feel sweeter than that first forgiving touch

So we keep on going, toe to toeing, another round of love


CH: Pick ourselves up, rise from the dirt

Take the gloves off make the next one hurt

Another low blow landed it comes to push and shove

Then it’s lights up, seconds out, hanging off the ropes, another round of love


We hold on tight, then split at the seams

There’s no referee, to get in-between

We both go the distance till both of us feel numb

Despite everything, we get back in the ring, another round of love

Too Many Love Songs (and not enough love)

I see it on the TV, I hear it on the street

So much hate and fear, so much misery

It’s getting to the point where, I don’t watch the news

Same old story,  same old blues

So I been listening to the radio,

Tuning in to all of them country shows

But I keep on hearing one thing and I’m getting tired of

Too many love songs and not enough love


CH: It’s boy meets girl on a sun-kissed beach

Sugar babes all honey sweet

Making love to a beautiful woman down by the creek

There’s good, good loving and love gone wrong

And everybody beautiful is getting it on

And if a heart is breaking the pain’s still bittersweet

Nashville must be better than heaven above

Cos everybody’s singing ‘bout love


The poor get sick, that’s tough luck

Nobody got money to buy that brand new truck

The mine and the sawmill, the plant closed down

At least crank is made in the USA, it’s the only game in town

Who’s making a noise for the working man?

A grudge and a guitar goes hand in hand

Yet all I ever hear today in all this fire and blood

Is too many love songs and not enough love


This old world’s spinning out of control

Gods all fighting for humanity’s soul

Mr King had a dream but we ain’t got there yet

People running from home trying to find peace

Somebody’s child washes up on a beach

But here comes another love song to help us forget


I  remember that day, I packed my things and walked away

I knew I couldn’t stay, one day longer

So I crossed your line, took one last look behind

Watched you slowly fade from sight as you got smaller

Leaving you felt right, for my own peace of mind

I knew I had to find my own direction


CH: Now you’re calling me home, Caledonia

Back to country roads I know

Big city life, ain’t good for ya

I’ve been gone too long and there’s a north wind blowing up a storm

Caledonia calls me home


Some things never change, how you feel about some place

For me it’s the wild open space between Sutherland’s shores

With a sea breeze in my hair, where I breathe sweet mountain air

Where your spirit and the land there can get no closer

To love you must know, how it feels to let it go

If it’s gone and leaves a hole then close the distance