Three Truths And The Chord

Mother's Day

I don’t think I’m asking much, just one small thing everybody has but me

Just one natural thing, it’s been happening from the start to eternity

A blessing from above, a miracle of love, yet I can’t seem to reach the finish line

Cos all I’m asking for is one miracle of mine


It seems unfair and cruel, the very thing I want is someone else’s burden to reject

I want to slap that girl, outside the ward smoking her second cigarette

Cos here I go again, another no, another bloodstain, why can I not see this through?

I can carry a ton of heartache but baby I can’t carry you


I want another mouth to feed, the patter of tiny feet

I want to feel a new heart beating next to mine

I want to know all about that pain, it’s a small price to pay

I will plead with all the saints to be kind

To let me keep this child in time I pray ...Mothers Day


So it’s been a little while, I’ve done the tests and there are two lines showing

But I’ve been here before, emotions all a mess but still I’m hoping

Please my little one, now you’ve come just hold on strong, I so want to say hello

I’ll be waiting here for you, I just wanted you to know

Sunday Morning Checklist

You’re sitting beside me reading the Sunday papers

Now you’re telling me what you’d like to go and do later

The dog’s curled up at the foot of our bed

He’s chasing a dream and kicking his legs


I can hear the kids messing around in the kitchen

They’re up early I can hear the scraping of dishes

Now a knock at the door and smiling faces

Bringing in the breakfast they made us


If there’s a perfect Sunday morning checklist.. then this gets all the ticks


One big tick for Saturday night, with the moonlight, through our bedroom window

One big tick for the rising sun, as morning comes, and you smile and say hello

I got a woman who loves me, lying beside me and there’s no hurry for me to get up yet

If there’s a perfect Sunday morning checklist...then this gets all the ticks


Birds in the trees outside calling and singing

Away in the distance I hear church bells ringing

I’m getting up, I put my feet on the floor

You say “not yet baby better lock that door”


If there’s a perfect Sunday morning checklist.. it’s about to get another tick

Single Man’s Dream

You said you wanted to be free and easy, not be tied down

That life was too short to go giving up the good things right now

But you went and gave up the sweetest love you’ll ever see

Chasing women and whiskey and the single man’s dream


How’s that been working out for you? Is it all that you hoped?

You must really like running solo cos you’re always alone

Yeah you got a fast car, cool clothes and you spend your dime

And you’re out all night cruising the  bars till closing time

But the girl’s are getting older and fewer and farther between

How’s that been working out for you? The single man’s dream


I saw you looking at her from the corner of your eye just for a second

She’s got a family now and she’s still looking great. Are you regretting?

Letting her go cos you had somewhere else you would rather be  

Chasing women and whiskey and the single man’s dream

Wish You Were My Guitar

If only I could pick you up and hold you tight

Keep you close and play all night

And when I needed you I’d know exactly where you are

I wish you were my guitar


Wish I could hold you in my hands

And we could go join a fine string band

Or we could ride together in an old boxcar

I wish you were my guitar


Cos I don’t have no-one here who wants me

And I don’t have someone to love me

So when I’m all alone and lonely, playing the blues

Then I wish my guitar was you


I got dreams to be a country star

Be the King of Nashville me and my guitar

But I need love and this old box just ain’t no substitute

Then I wish my guitar was you


All I have are three chords and the truth

And the simple truth is I don’t have you

You’re the sweetest thing I have ever seen by far

I wish you were my guitar

Big Western Sky

Painted church ceilings don’t hold much meaning

For me they can’t show the divine

Life’s true cathedral is the heaven above you

There’s nothing but truth in the sky

Birds flying south tell you winter is coming

Thunderclouds promise some rain

The moon and the stars up on high keep us humble

And a rising sun brings a new day


Big western sky, a big western sky

Blue in the morning, star-filled by night

I would be happy the rest of my life looking up at a big western sky


On clear cloudless evenings galaxies twinkling

A billion suns shining through time

The more I look out there the more I want to care

For this little old planet of mine

I can’t see god up there waiting to save us

I just see big empty space

The earth is a lifeboat that glows in the darkness

It’s a fragile and precious place

Bleed For You

All my brothers of every colour

Take a close look at your own mother

She was someone’s sister, daughter and lover

She will love you man no matter what you do


So my brothers of every culture

Why d’you make your sisters suffer?

You try to own her, control and cover

Then punish her if she tries to break your rules


She bleeds for you, you wrap her up in chains but she still bleeds for you, it’s a crying shame

You cut her and deny her, curb the power that’s inside her but she still bleeds for you

A woman’s love is the one thing we all need, you should thank god women bleed


My brothers, fighters and warriors

We spill blood too, killing each other

But who do we run to when we need love and comfort?

The very same sister we abuse


So all my brothers we have our struggles

But there’s no need to make more trouble

Let your sister be and help her if she stumbles

There’s only love and life, so let her choose

Baby Glue

I learned today she’s having a baby

I looked in her eyes and I know it’s true

She figured a kid would keep us together

You can’t fix us with baby glue

Cos baby glue’s not so strong   When all of the love has gone


If she’s a girl she says she’s  gonna call her little Emmylou

If he’s a boy,a sweet sweet boy she's gonna name him little Billy Blue

And I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do

Boo hoo I got the baby blues


Yesterday I was planning to walk away

Do I have a change of heart now she’s due?

When her time comes will I be nine months gone?

A child of mine should be life I’ve agreed to

Baby glue’s not so strong     When all of the love has gone


Yes I’ll admit  my part in all this

Life so seldom goes to plan

So I’ll stand by  a child of mine

I’ll try and do whatever I can

And baby glue might just be   the making of her and me


So if she’s a girl I say we’re gonna call her little Emmylou

And if he’s a boy a sweet sweet boy I say we’re gonna call him little Billy Blue

Think I’ll stick around and do the best that I can do

Don’t cry, I’m gonna see this through

The Otherside Of You

He can be your sunshine and I will be your midnight

He can be your good man and I will be the bad guy

He can be your Jedi  I will be your Death Star

He’s your aspiration  but I know who you really are


He can be your truthful and I will be your guilty

He’s your absolution I’ll be purgatory

He can be your angel, I’m the devil in your closet

He can say your prayers but I can keep your secrets


No matter what you do - I’m right behind you

I can see right through I’m the other side of you


He can be your conscience I will be your freedom

He can be your good sense I’m your intuition

He can be your true love I will be your best friend

He can be your good start but I’ll be with you at the end


He can be your sober I will be your messed up

He can be your yoga I will be your stressed out

He can be your kind heart I will be your cruelty

He can be your pretty smile but I will be your beauty


He can be the lawman,   I’m your desperado

He can be your can can, I will be your swing low

He can be your straight line, I will be your mile wide

He can be your good life, I will be your suicide

Woman Shaped Heartache

Is it worth it, to feel this way?

If love is a game then I don’t wanna play

If love is a prize to be won or lost

Then love has a price and love has a cost

Love is a war of attrition…. Between men and women


A woman-shaped heartbreak 

A woman-shaped earthquake 

I don’t know how much more I can take

My tears are woman-shaped


I deserve it, I hear her say

A heart is a gift to be given or taken away

But if love is a blessing it’s also a curse

If it makes you feel better it makes you feel worse

Love is hurt and contrition…. Between men and women

Letting Go Lullaby

I watch you growing, you’ve always looked so knowing

Sometimes there’s tension when you pull against the strings

But even when we’re fighting, I still delight in

Everything about you girl and everything you do

I watch you thinking, you do it deeply

I hear you laughing, it sounds so sweet

But I see your heartbreaks, I see your little hands shake

You grin and bear it cos you’re brave enough to take it anyway


So when I tell you, to keep your pretty voice down,

To keep your pretty eyes down, keep your pretty head down

I’m not trying to stop you shining

I’m just afraid the world’s too wicked for somebody as beautiful as you


So when I tell you to always look behind you, when I remind you to call and let me know

I don’t mean to stop you doing exactly what you want to

Oh it drives me crazy knowing one day if you need me I won’t be around

I’m just afraid the world’s too wicked for somebody as beautiful as you

You Choose

I think it's time we had, an honest little chat

About what you want and where you want to be

I'm giving you a choice, giving you the chance

To think of us and take a long hard look at me.

One thing seems quite clear, you're not completely here

Now the time has come to make your big decision

So tell me what you want and choose well my love

I will do my best to make it happen


I'm making it clear and easy, making it nice and simple for you

You're standing at a junction with just two paths you could follow

One road is leading back to me, back to home and family

And the other road leads to somewhere else

You've got everything to gain or lose... so you choose.


The kids will come with me, that’s best I’m sure you will agree

You know I'd never try and stop you seeing them

And if love should come my way, I’ll not lock myself away

But next time I’d go in with both eyes open

So if I’m being honest now, I’ll not be waiting ‘round

I’ve done my crying and wondering what’s wrong with me

But if you commit to me, and I  mean wholeheartedly

I would help you get your feet back on the ground


You can choose to be lost or found, swim or drown

There’s only straight ahead or the wrong way round

There’s only light or shade, right or wrong

So be the one who stayed or the one who's gone… you choose

Ring Around My Neck

I still wear, the ring you gave me, right around my neck

On a rawhide cord, the gold feels warm, lying on my chest

You have gone but my love is strong and I cannot forget

I still wear the ring you gave me right around my neck


I pin my note, to the door, but I’m not going quite yet

I’m leaving soon, this afternoon, there’s time for one last check

This home we made, this place we stayed, filled my heart with  hope

It’s empty now, has changed somehow,  don’t feel like home no more


We said, those words “Till death do us part”

I guess, just me, took those words to heart


I’ll take this ring from my neck, in an envelope I’ll place

I’ll write your name, in my best hand and I’ll leave it somewhere safe

I’ll kick this chair from under me cos I’ve got nothing left

Your ring of gold is now a ring of rope tied around my neck