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Dial It Back

Hillbilly Funk

You were looking real good on the dancefloor
Now you're over here talking to me
You say you liked the way I was watching you moving
And you like the way I speak
I can see where this night is taking us
So it's only right I tell you true

I might live in the city but I was born on the bayou

So if you wanna get with me

Then we're gonna get a little bit drunk
So sip on this moonshine whisky

And listen to some hillbilly funk

You can take the boy out of the bayou
But you can't take the swamp out of me
And I don't mind big city lights
But I like getting wild in the country
So I'm just gonna come out and say it
You better know what you're getting into
I might live in the city but I was born on the bayou

Riots & Sunshine

Long hot summer of ill content
Heat and pressure and the city sweats
There’s blood in the street a man shot dead
And no-one believe what policeman said

Ch: It won’t take much just a push and a shove
Look out this city’s getting ready to turn
Now I see black smoke on the skyline
I can see riots and sunshine
When the hell are we ever gonna learn
The next time the city burns

Tension’s turned up to fever pitch
Streets of gold soon turn to shit
Wound so tight and set to snap
Just so hard to keep the peace intact

Somewhere a grieving mother cries
Her boy did not come home that night
Don’t matter if it’s gun or knife
The city takes another life


When I’m driving all I see
In the headlights is the highway rushing by me
When I’m driving all I hear
Is the sound of the motor and the road rolling low in my ears

Ch: And me….. I’ll be buzzing around you all night
Buzzing around you all night I’m your satellite

When I first saw you I just knew
I could spend my whole life just being around you
When I’m near you and you turn down the lights
When you hold me tight then my whole world revolves around you

Flying high at the speed of sound I’m your satellite
You are the world I’m spinning around and around and around…..

Are You Ready  To Talk To Ne Now?

You don’t answer my telephone calls
You’ve put new locks on the door
You’ve shut me out, shut me off, shut me down but this
Can’t go on no more

What do we do with the life we once had?
If we take this one last step further
I need answers to my questions like what do we do now
With each other?

CH: The dust has settled and the storm has blown out
Are you ready to talk to me now?
After the flood and the water has gone down
Are you ready to talk to me now?

Cos words are all that we have left
When we’re burned down to the soul
There was a time your words were kind and warmed my heart but our
Conversation’s turned so cold

Maybe the life we have will make more sense
If we can hear each other’s voices
There’s no honest truth in silence
Cold shoulders make cold choices

Outro: Talk to me baby, talk to me honey
I’m ready to listen just let it all out
Talk to me baby, talk to me darlin’
Are you ready? Ready to talk to me now
Ready to listen, ready and willing, no need for suspicion, don’t mind if you shout
I swear I’m listening, even if you’re just whispering
Just say that you’re ready, ready to talk to me now

Guns Are Gathering

Communication has never been better
I can talk to anybody in a matter of seconds
And even though we find it hard to talk to one another
We can get a message through to a tin can floating round Jupiter

Everybody’s living great lives on social media
Dating online getting laid is getting easier
The world’s at my fingertips it’s in my phone
Without technology I’m basically somebody on my own

Ch: Hard lessons of history haven’t taught us anything
When all around me the only thing I see
Is attitudes hardening – guns are all gathering

The colour of my skin is an issue
Who I choose to love is an issue
The god I choose to pray to or I don’t is an issue
Freedom to think what I want is an issue somewhere

Mr Armstrong said it’s a wonderful world
Another Mr Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind
If we can fly to the moon or write a beautiful tune
Why is it so hard to find
A tolerant peace-loving forgiving new state of mind

Sympathy Sex

I say her name and she turns around and smiles
But it ain’t the same cos the smiles don’t reach her eyes
I’m the one to blame for pulling us apart
I make the holes, she sews the patches on her heart

I can see her getting set to make the break
I know she needs to leave and find her own space
She's got this strange look in her eyes

Relief and pity, heartache and desire

CH: So what about one last time for the road?

One last touch before I go she said
If I’m gonna break your heart, it’s better I should break it in bed
And I know what’s coming up next

Some sweet, full of sorrow, sympathy sex

It’s funny how when something is coming to the close
You realise how good it was, it’s harder to let go
And all of your senses are going into overload
Oh darling why could it not be like this before?
And there's part of her still loves you and you're holding on to that
She's giving you her body but you know her soul's detached
And she's pulling out all the stops so you remember her this way
This is really gonna twist you up when she finds love again

Sympathy sex, so much sorrow and so intense
Sweet, deep and full of regret
And I ain’t too proud to beg
Darling please don’t go just yet …..sympathy sex

Stepping Stone

Love is like a river flowing, don’t always know where it’s going
Some days it’s fast and wide, some days you’re stuck on the other side
That girl used to be with me, the one over there with the new baby
Wedding band on her finger, married life just seems to suit her
She was the latest in a long line
Waiting around with me for the next guy

CH: I’m a stepping stone to something sweeter
I’m a stepping stone to where the grass is greener
I’m a safe place to catch your breath before stepping off and moving on again
Looks like I’ll spend my life alone, cos I’m always a stepping stone

I would like to settle down, meet someone I can’t live without
I want the house and kids and all those happy feelings couples get
But just when I think I’ve found the one, next thing I know she’s up and gone

So if you’re trying to cross this river, maybe I can be your answer
If the water’s deep and the current strong I don’t mind laying down
Maybe it’s my destiny, so go ahead and walk over me

Glass Mountains

Southside of the river, looking over the water
The money side looks prettier at night
From the north bank of the river, looking over the same water
The view of this side ain’t so nice in daylight
And I hear sirens wailing, I can see blue lights flashing
It’s just somebody’s bad day crashing back to reality
This is my side of the city and what it means to me

CH: Now I’m down here staring at the sky
At the rich and the beautiful living up so high
It’s a slippery slope when you’re trying to climb glass mountains
I can see right through to the other side
And if I wanna get there I’m gonna have to climb
But standing in my way is a big glass mountain

I’m not saying for certain there’s no way of escaping
But these streets don’t let you go so easily
The world you’re born into can wrap its arms around you
The more they hold you back the safer it can seem
And I know about glass ceilings they do a damn good job of keeping
Folks like us from reaching higher ground
This is my side of the city and this is what I found

Can't Carry The Weight Of You

I've learned to wake up in the morning without crying
I've learned to realise that you are never coming home
I’ve learned all kinds of ways to make it through
But I never did learn quite how to ever stop loving you

CH: I can’t carry the weight of you no more, it’s just too heavy for my poor heart to hold
I can’t carry the weight of you no more, it’s too much sorrow for one poor soul alone
But I can’t let you go, can’t let you go, I can’t let you go now… I never learned how.

I feel so cheated cos I was sure we’d have more time
I feel so sorry for myself cos I’ve been left behind
I feel so angry that life is so unfair
And I don’t feel this is something I should ever been asked to bear

M8: If you were here you’d smile and shake your head
You’d tell me to not to waste the time that I had left
You’d tell me to stop my crying and dry my eyes
But you’re not here for me to tell you I can’t even try

Hurricane You

Looks like hurricane season has come back around
Cos here comes another one tearing through town
Better take cover, tie everything down
This girl will pull your heart out through your mouth

Wild weather was forecast, everybody was warned
She’s lightning and thunder she’s the perfect storm
There’s nowhere to hide, and there’s no place to run
There ain’t no going back once the damage has been done

CH: Katrina, Wilma, Cindy & Jeanne,
Isobel, Rita, Donna, Irene
They left a trail of destruction, they came out of the blue
But I was not ready for Hurricane You

This was a quiet little town before she blew in
Now it’s upside down and my whole world spins
The guys are in a state of emergency
Then just like a hurricane she’s gone with the breeze

No-one Could Love You Like I Do

Three walls and a cage door are locking down on me
One window with no escape and no opportunity
Three years in already with another three to go
I never meant to hurt that boy, the whiskey told me so
Prison got me sober and time has brought me shame
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done when I hear her say

CH:No matter what the world is putting you through
When you’re lost and lonely and misunderstood
When you’ve got the bluest of the blues
No-one could love you like I do

Faithless on the outside, a cheater and a liar
I’m thinking ‘bout that girl of mine and how I made her cry
I would sell my sorry soul just to see her smile again
But she’s long gone now, I’m the one to blame
Prison got me lonely but time has brought me faith
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done when I hear her say

Got out for mama’s funeral, I couldn’t cry enough
Standing by that graveside both hands still in cuffs
I made a solemn promise to her, right there and then
I’m sorry ma but one day you’ll be proud of me again
Prison got me humble and time has brought me grace
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done when I hear her say

Guess I’ve turned a corner, my time’s reached the end
On my best behaviour, parole’s my new best friend
New day for a new man with a total change of heart
The door slams shut behind me, it sounds like a new start
Prison got me cleaned up and time has set me free
And outside in the parking lot a woman waits for me

Doing The Impossible

Three days without water, three weeks without food
Five minutes without breathing and life is gone for good
Well I knew for certain that I could not withstand
Without you one more second I would be a dead man

CH: Maybe I will walk on water

Squeeze blood out from a stone
Maybe I will buy the White House

Or talk to Jesus on the phone
I could swim across the ocean

Ride my Harley to the moon
Cos I’m doing the impossible…. already 

I’m living without you

I’m trying to recover, from this hit and run
Put myself back together, don’t think it canbe done
Part of me is missing now, the part I really need
Without you here my darling I’m half the man I used to be

My vital signs are slowing, my heart don’t wanna beat
When I think about you going girl, I can hardly breathe

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