Hearts and Horizons 

Raining Down In Nashville


I got a telephone call, the kind you never want to get

By the time I put the phone down my face and shirt were wet

I was in the car, and I had to pull, right over

I cried, tears in my eyes on the hard shoulder


A cop pulled in behind and walked up to the window

He tapped on the glass and said you can’t stop here you gotta go

I told him what happened, he said he was sorry, to hear

But you gotta move on, you gotta move on you can’t stop here

CH: You gotta move on,  you’re gone 

Now the neon’s lost its sparkle and the broadway ain’t so bright

You gotta move on, you’re gone

And I know it’s gonna rain in Nashville tonight


I don’t know how I got home, driving in a daze

I don’t know I got through, all arrangements had been made

The cemetery gates,  are closing but, I can’t leave

The preacher said go home, you gotta go home, let them rest in peace


Lie For Your Love


Turn your eyes away from me, baby

Cos I am not the one you seek, 

Whatever it is you think you see

Is a long long way off reality 

Don't listen to anything I’m telling you, baby

When you hear my voice just walk away 

Stop hanging on my every word

Don't believe whatever you just heard 


CH: Cos I’d say anything I think you’d want to hear

And I’d do everything just to keep you near

I’d cheat and lie, steal and cry

I’d double cross your lines in a heartbeat

I’d do anything to make you mine

And that’s the only true thing about me


Your mouth can't trust the lips they're kissing, baby 

Your hands can’t trust the touch of my skin 

Don't believe your senses 

And don’t take down your fences to let me in


I would kill all sense of right or wrong, baby

I would steal you away from anyone

I would swear to God above

but then I’d turn around and lie to you for your love

That’s How We Roll


If the sun is shining bright we just put our ray bans on

If it's rain and thunder we just raise umbrellas and enjoy the storm

If the fish ain't biting then we don't cry, just sit on the riverbank and watch the world go by

If my girl ain't coming around tonight I'll just watch the game

If she changes her mind well that's just fine we can set the bed aflame 

But if she just feels like holding hands and talking, we can go for a drive

Cos we’re country, with country hearts and soul and that's how we roll


CH: Hell yeah, that’s how we roll

We just bend with the breeze and go with the flow

We work and die, laugh and cry, love and let love go

Hell yeah, that’s how we roll


When it’s time to work we put our heads down and just get to it

When it’s time to play there ain’t no shame if we completely overdo it

But when it’s time to rest, to leave the stress behind, you’ll find us taking it nice and slow

When there’s a life to live then we just get right on with it

When it’s time to die, we cry then we move on over it

Cos the wheel keeps turning round and around, we get one spin only that’s how it goes

Cos we’re country, with country hearts and soul and that’s how we roll

Too Used To Living Alone


I’m used to living alone but I don’t like being lonely

I’m not looking that hard but I’d love to find someone to hold me

Who could fill the big hole in my world and the space in my bed

But instead, I’m getting too used to living alone


I guess the internet’s taken the place of a bar at the weekend

I can hook-up with suitable strangers  twenty four seven

And I’ve met some nice profiles and I’ve had some instant deletes

The bitter and sweet, I’m getting too used to living alone


CH: I want somebody, who knows where I came from 

Who knows all the same songs as me

Who gets what I’m saying, who needs no explaining

Someone just happy to be 

So if you’re out there come find me, you’ll recognise me

I’ll be in your comfort zone

But don’t leave it too long, I’m getting too used to living alone


I leave a light in the bedroom and the TV on when I go out

So when I come home it’s like someone is there in the house

But when I open the front door nobody’s waiting to greet me

Just a voice on the TV, I’m getting too used to living alone

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