The best way to hear my music is to catch me live somewhere so take a look at the gigs page but if I'm not playing anywhere near you then check out my two studio albums "Anywhere But Here"  (November 2018) and my new release "Three Truths and The Chord" (June 2019)  both recorded at Perry Vale Studios, Forest Hill, London with ace engineer/producer Pat Collier. They are available on the usual digital platforms, Bandcamp and as CDs directly from myself.  I deeply appreciate every stream, download and CD sale as every penny I make from music goes straight back into making more music!

I also record many of my live shows and post them onto YouTube and I have a Soundcloud page for home demos which I'd love you to visit.  Additionally I have a load of fun making my own videos, something I'm slowly getting better at so if you have time click the link icons on the top left of each page.

Maverick  Magazine                  Jul/Aug 2019

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