I'm really lucky to be involved with the guys who make up London band The Glass Mountains and onstage we're a hurricane! We try to play as much as possible as the full 5-piece band however for most London pub gigs we perform as a three piece.

We are constantly being compared to Nashville's finest and while the band are more than happy to be hailed worthy of Music City, The Glass Mountains aren’t looking to Tennessee for inspiration.  Our recent EP "Never Been To Nashville" is case in point: showing that quality country music can be homegrown in the UK.

Since forming in late 2016, the band has refused to be hemmed in by popular perceptions and definitions of country music. Our name refers to the London skyline and the invisible barriers between rich and poor communities and our songs are just as likely to feature inner-city life as dirt roads and pickup trucks.

What I really love about The Glass Mountains is we’re not afraid to challenge what audiences expect to hear from a country band. In fact, if you don’t even like country music, chances are you’ll love our set.



“A debut with true Nashville stylings …benefits from how tight the band are as live performers” – Maverick Magazine 4 stars Oct 18.

“By stripping their set to three part harmonies, acoustic guitar and Memphis soul electric lead… the result is a surprising triumph” – Ken Irvine, AMERICANA-UK.COM

“…delivered with credible sincerity by Davies” – Ken Irvine, AMERICANA-UK.COM

"..you'd be forgiven for thinking that they have lived their entire lives over in Nashville. Their sound is pure and honest, never feeling like a band from South London trying to be a country band - they simply have it in their blood" - Mark Mathews Music

“You guys have got it going on and have the spirit and the passion. Real Country Music is safe with folks like you around and that makes me feel good!” – Rob Ellen, Medicine Music, Medicine Show Radio, Founder of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival.

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